Who Knew

Tudors: not just Henry 8th

Who knew ...

You can retrace (a disgruntled) Henry VIIIth's walk to his divorce hearings?
There are statues of three Tudor monarchs in the Square Mile?
Removing the monasteries gave a strong direct boost to the theatre?
The "big" Tudor monarchs loom large in the popular imagination: especially Henry (all those wives!) and Elizabeth. Frequent and memorable depictions from Holbein to Mantel have ensure that. The story of London under the Tudors is less well-known but fascinating. Massive population influx, huge growth in manufacturing and retail, explosion of popular literacy and printing, highly dangerous religious rifts: all fuelled by an enormous giveaway of city property at the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1530's. And this in turn triggered the start of mass state provision of social services. This walk will bring all this to life via stories and insights from across the City.
Duration 120 mins
End Smithfield/St Bart's church

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