Who Knew

Secret St James’s

Who knew ...

That lepers once kept their hogs where the Park now is?
That Ian Fleming uses St James- based toiletries brands for James Bond?
That the square was originally home to six Dukes and seven Earls?
St James's (the area south of Piccadilly and West of Haymarket) is one of the most unspoiled and attractive parts of London. It also contains the senior royal residence (St James's Palace) and the oldest Royal Park. This walk aims not just to have a very enjoyable wander around the handsome square and beautiful streets and alleys, but also to understand why, how and when the area was developed. Why does it remain so posh and "mannish"? What explains its location and character?
Duration 120 mins (2.9km)
End Carlton House Terrace/St James's Park

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