Who Knew

Roman London

Who knew ...

Overall the Roman invasion was a drain on the Empire and a bad idea?
Boudicca’s husband became fabulously wealthy from supporting Roman domination?
The Romans were in London for about the same length of time as from the Tudors to now?
We only found where the Amphitheatre was in the 1980’s even though the roads bend around it?
You are probably familiar with some stories of Roman London: Boudicca as heroic figure of proud British resistance, some fragments of wall here and there, the Temple of Mithras being discovered somewhere.  But this walks aims to dig a little deeper and explore why the Romans came, why they founded London and how it developed through the c.400 years of Roman rule.
Duration 120 mins (2.4km)
End Guildhall Yard, Gresham St

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