Who Knew

Hampstead: the village on the hill

Who knew ...

Hampstead heath was a laundry for posh Tudor underwear?
The same graveyard hols Peter Cook and Peter Pan?
Karl Marx used to enjoy picnics and donkey rides in "'Appy 'Amstead"?
You probably know Hampstead as a very attractive area of very posh houses and very famous people. But why is it so lovely to walk around? It's a lot to do with a hill which prevented major roads and any railways being built: so uniquely in London it preserves a Georgian village streetscape. It also had many springs which supported a Tudor laundry business and then a fashionable Spa attraction in the 1700's. And its healthy air and great views have always made it an attractive place for the wealthy, and for artists, writers and entertainers. So there are plenty of lovely houses to see: but this walk also explores buildings such as old workhouses and bath houses which remind us that plenty of "ordinary" people lived there too! But above all its a beautiful old village on a hill: do come and explore it! NB this walk is NOT suitable for walking-impaired people I'm afraid: too many steep, cobbly streets and corners.
Duration 120 mins (3.1 km)
End Hampstead Underground station

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