Who Knew

Hi I’m Andrew and I founded Who Knew Tours.

I am a qualified City of London Tour Guide (holding a “Green Badge”).

My aim on all my walks is to reveal aspects of the history of the City which you didn’t know (hence the name of the company!). I don’t mean “random facts you were not aware of”: I mean much more interesting connections, patterns and drivers which explain the evolution of the place over 2000 years.

Hence I aim to appeal to the “curious”. These can be tourists/visitors who want to dig a little deeper than the “standard Guide tales”: but are often people who live in and around London who are interested but have not thought of taking a tour outside holidays

I would love to hear from you if you think this could appeal: I love taking couples/small groups as well as larger (max.15) and am always interested to understand what would suit you best. You can email using the boxes below or call me on 07776 227172.